Kids News & Events

Kids Club Newsletter 

Every season, all Kids 1st Club members will receive a newsletter with news on upcoming events and contests.  It also has fun facts and puzzles to enjoy.  Click Here to see the latest Kids 1st Club Newsletter!

Kids Club Saturday

The next Kids 1st Club Saturday will be on May 10th.  Bring in your deposits and pick a prize!  You will also be entered in a drawing to win the Grand Prize and become the Smart Saver of the Month!  Hope to see you there!

Bank at School

If you are a student at Rogers Elementary School, Gardner Elementary School or S.P.P.S. Elementary School, you could Bank at School! Visit our table to make a deposit and get a reward from our friendly Kids 1st Club team.  If you participate in Bank at School, we will even give you your own bank zipper bag to help keep your deposits safe between home and school.  We will visit each school once a month throughout the school year.

If you go to a different school, tell your parents to ask a school official about participating in Bank at School!

Here’s the Calendar for the 2013-2014 School Year:


Rogers Elementary School Gardner Elementary School S.P.P.S. Elementary School
September 18 September 11 September 4
October 16 October 9 October 2
November 20 November 13 November 6
December 18 December 11 December 4
January 15 January 8 February 5
February 19 February 12 March 5
March 19 March 12 April 2
April 16 April 9 May 7
  May 14