Mobile Banking

We make it easy to bank from anywhere – at anytime – with our mobile banking services.


Mobile Banking Apps

Our custom app made for your smartphones, available now! Whether you use an Android or iPhone, we have an app for you! Just click the button below to download it now.



Mobile Web Banking

Bank with your phone’s web browser.

You can check balances, transfer funds and more by using the browser on your smart phone.  Enroll in mobile banking and visit our mobile site at

First National Bank of Waterloo does not charge for using our mobile banking service. Your mobile phone carrier may charge for text messages and/or internet access.  Check your wireless plan for details.    


Mobile Text Banking

If you can send a Text Message or SMS, you can request information about your balances and recent transactions. We’ll send you a text message right back with your most up-to-date account details.

To help identify your accounts and make texting easier, we recommend setting up the account short names in Internet Banking. To do this, login to FNBonline and click on the Options tab at the top. Choose Mobile Settings >Text Mobile Settings and choose your mobile short names.


To access, text 89549 with a short code:

ActionShort CodesExamples
Returns command referencesHelpHELP, help
Returns balance for all enrolled accountsBalBAL, bal
Returns balance for specified accountBal (accountshortname)BAL (accountshortname),
bal (accountshortname)
Returns last 4 transactions for all enrolled accountsHistHIST, hist
Returns last 4 transactions for specified accountHist (accountshortname)HIST(accountshortname),
hist (accountshortname)
Disables enrollment for SMS/text bankingStopSTOP, stop
* SMS/text messages are not case sensitive

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